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A core part of our association’s mission is ensuring members have immediate access to the latest industry information. To meet this commitment, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of resources and downloadable documents we’re always adding to.

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Drug Testing Program

UA Local 396 and MCA of Mahoning Valley Drug and Alcohol Program

Per Article XV, pages 44-52 of the 2020 Collective Bargaining Agreement, the association will pay for all drug and alcohol testing costs if the signatory employer uses On Demand Occupational Medicine.

No other testing facility costs will be paid or reimbursed. Only testing costs for Local 396 members or United Association members working in the jurisdiction of Local 396 will be covered, and only drug and alcohol tests will be paid for.

FIT Tests, instant tests, background checks, etc., won’t be covered or reimbursed.

On Demand will bill the association directly for any testing costs related to Local 396 members.

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