Our Staff

  • Executive Director: Aaron Hall

  • Programs and Events Coordinator: Jenna Gray

  • Assistant Executive Director: Joseph Stella

  • Membership Services: Julie Hall

Our Office

Training Center

Our state-of-the-art training center provides the MCA with the capabilities of holding 30-40 people at one time for a particular class and offers the latest in media technologies to facilitate the learning process. The training center can be used as a classroom but also as a large Board Table. The training center offers free Wi-Fi capabilities for all participants and 24 hour access via a keypad entrance.


Thanks to our convenient location, our members have full access to sign out our Board room for any of their meetings. It offers a professional and private setting, digital conference phone, and meeting amenities that provide each member with the opportunity to host a meeting with the latest technology at no cost to them.

Wireless Access

Our entire office is equipped for wireless capabilities. This is a bonus for those holding meetings here that wish to tap into the intranet or to sign into their own servers via VPN.

Members and Partners

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