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Membership Benefits

The MCA of Mahoning Valley offers many benefits to its members. While we have too many benefits to list here, please take a moment and review some of the programs we offer to our members. We are sure you will see that the MCA of Mahoning Valley is the leading trade association in our Industry.

  • Drug-Free Workplace Policy, Training, and Testing. Now a mandatory pre-requisite for state funded projects. As a MCA member, you can receive both this training and testing through the association.

  • Education and Training: OCILB contractor licensing education and training are offered throughout the year, eliminating the need to pay for your continuing education credits. Many of our education offerings help our members as contractors as well as business owners/managers.

  • Government Affairs: MCA of Mahoning Valley represents the interests of our members nationally, locally, and on a state level.

  • Information: The MCA keeps its members up to date on industry related topics. The MCA has membership meetings to keep our members informed of current events that affect mechanical contractors and suppliers.

  • Industry Forum: The MCA represents its members on all levels including the local building officials, and the various municipalities where our members work.

  • Local Recognition: Many governmental bodies and organizations recognize the MCA as the policy leader for our Industry. The MCA of Mahoning Valley prides itself on being a leader in our community and supporting our members needs locally.

  • Safety: The MCA provides its members with information on OSHA changes, and also has an extensive library with safety videos and pamphlets for training. The MCA offers many safety courses including CPR and First Aid which are also OCILB approved. The MCA offers discounted pricing on all safety equipment purchases.

  • Workers Compensation Insurance: The MCA has a partnership with Compensation Consultants to offer our members a discounted rate on their Workers Compensation Insurance. The MCA of Mahoning Valley has a working relationship with the Bureau of Workers Compensation that allows us to keep our members up to date on changes within the system.

  • Networking Events: The MCA of Mahoning Valley has networking events throughout the year to help our members become better acquainted with each other. We invite many building officials and local politicians as guests to our networking events. This allows our members to meet and greet the community officials that affect our local construction industry.

  • Technology: The MCA of Mahoning Valley currently operates all membership and business meeting utilizing iPads. The MCA of Mahoning Valley prides itself as being a paperless association and is an industry leader in iPad training.

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Active Membership is open to all Local #396 signatory contractors. The MCA of Mahoning Valley also accepts Associate membership for those closely related to the Construction Industry. Become a member today.

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